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Choosing the right size hoop!

Watch me go through the different sizes of hoops and their uses to help you choose your right hoop!

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Blackgurlhoopin Hulahoops

Blackgurlhoopin hula-hoops are hand-made and custom-designed. You choose the color, type of piping, size and we make your hoop!  Everyone will be asking where did you get that hoop!

Hoop Like Beyonce Class

Blackgurlhoopin and Body-Positive FItness

Blackgurlhoopin is all about body-positivity! Feeling comfortable in your body and loving it the way it is. We're all about fitness, wellness and loving your body enough to take care of it so you can feel good in it! That's why Blackgurlhoopin is body positive fitness-focused!  We want you to enjoy your body and taking care of it when attending our fitness classes. Your workout should make you feel good about what your body can do!  Hula-hoops love everything about bodies! No matter the size or shape and it's easier to hula-hoop naked than it is with clothes on, but I wouldn't try that outside. ;) Order one of our adult hulahoops today and joins us!

June 2019 Summit 21 Conference given by Blavity

Blackgurlhoopin at your event

Blackgurlhoopin brings the hoops and the fun to the party! We believe that our hoops bring the energy we make them with: love , fun, and enjoyment! That is also the energy we carry into the space, so what better way then to get your guest excited and having fun than to have a hoopin' party!

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