Promoting Health & Wellness from a Body-Positive Perspective thru Hula-Hoop

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Choosing a hoop thats right for you !

How to choose a Hoop! Watch me go through the different types and sizes of hoops and how to choose.


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About BGH

Hulahooping and Health


 Hula hooping works 30 of your core
muscles, burning up to as many as 650 calories  an hour without stressing your joints! It also relieves stress, depression, anxiety, and works your brain and heart! Hula hooping does all of this and more ! , Which is why it should be added to your daily routine to live well!

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Body-positive Fitness


Being fit is not about your body looking a certain way,  but more about how your body feels and what it can do. Everyone should feel good about their body when focusing on fitness and have faith that their body will do what it needs to do when it is time to do it! That's what hula hooping with Blackgurlhoopin is about !

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Fitness and Wellness should be fun and not feel like some chore you have to complete before the end of day. Hula hooping is the perfect fun that also gets your heart rate up and blood flowing! So let Blackgurlhoopin bring the Hoopin Fun to your event !

Hoop Fun !