Promoting Body Positive wellness and fitness through Hula Hoopin!

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The Black Gurl Hoopin Experience

Fun Fitness & Wellness with a Body Positive Focus

Our motto is anyone can hoop! People come in different sizes and so do our hoops! The Blackgurlhoopin experience is all about being in tune with the rhythm of your own body and making yourself the center of the universe in that moment through movement! Your hoop is your universe and you are at the center. We want you to feel good about your body and well in your spirit and mind and that is what wellness and fitness is and should always be.

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Blackgurlhoopin Does Fundraising!!


Blackgurlhoopin Partners with different organizations to bring awareness and financial support to them through hula hooping contest and facilitation.

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Blackgurlhoopin Does Private Parties & Events !!


 Let Blackgurlhoopin bring the hula hoops and the fun!! We do kids and adult events starting as low as $150 !!

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How to Open & Close your BGH Body Hoop

BGH Hoop instructional video for travel & storage