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Hula Instructor & Designer - Nicole Goss



Nicole Goss is the Black Gurl  Hoopin

I was embarking on my own fitness  journey and also wanted to bond with my daughter through physical activity and stumbled upon a hula hoop class. I like most adults was convinced that I could not hula hoop but my daughter wanted to attend the class so I said sure this is an activity we can do together! Ill just be her cheerleader! That’s when I discovered that I had not been using the appropriate size hoop for my body type. So I was so excited to know that I could still hula hoop that I wanted one at home, because while I was hooping I was sweating and feeling so good!

So I went home and started researching is this really going to benefit me or was this a pointless sweat! That’s when I discovered all the benefits of hula hooping  and decided to order me a hoop from online. I was falling in love with hula hooping while I was waiting for my hoop! So finally it arrived and was not the size that I hoped, I couldn’t use it! So I ordered and sent back three hula hoops, That’s when I decided to make my own and I have been hooping ever since! I hoop to be fit to relieve stress and to bond with my daughter. Hooping makes me feel so much joy and confidence that I wanted everyone to have this same feeling! Im a black gurl that loves to hoop and I want to share my hoop love with you!